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Iggy Pop and Josh Homme release their second new track, Break Into Your Heart

Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart | #PostPopDepression
Iggy Pop and Josh Homme apparently saw no need to torture their fans with a long wait before sharing a second track from their new LP, Post Pop Depression. The rock stars posted Break Into Your Heart on YouTube Tuesday, less than a week after they debuted the first track, Gardenia, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The two tracks are very different, with Break Into Your Heart having an ominous edge. Pop sings lyrics like, “I’m gonna break into your heart / I’m gonna crawl under your skin” and “break them all / take them all / fake them all / steal them all.” With his low, distinctive voice, it sound a little creepy, especially as he approaches the song’s end.

The duo, each a famous frontman in his own right, secretly collaborated on the album after Pop suggested it via text message to Homme, according to The New York Times. The text conversation, of course, evolved into more, and the two decided to go for it. However, they had a contingency plan: If it they didn’t like what they came up with, they weren’t going to share it. Homme told the Times that he’d even promised Pop, “If we hate it, if we go, ‘This is terrible,’ I will take a shovel, and I will take the drives, and I will bury it in the dirt.”

Fortunately for fans, there was no need for such extreme measures. The LP, which comprises nine songs, is evidently one they are proud of. When it came time to share the most recent track, Iggy Pop’s social media pages posted a link to the YouTube video, as well as encouraged fans on Twitter to pre-order the album to be able to download the first two tracks now.

Post Pop Depression is set to drop on March 18.

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