‘Instagram Ya Body’ by Willie Taylor feat. Jeremih is a real song about digital romance

instagram ya body by willie taylor feat jeremih

If Instagram needed a hip hop theme song, Willie Taylor of  MTV’s Making the Band 4‘s Day26 just accomplished such thing. According to the singer’s tweet earlier today, his latest single featuring “Birthday Sex” singer Jeremih will highlight one of the most popular source of digital romance by begging the ladies to let him “Instagram [your] body.”

Does it really matter what the song is about? Clearly, a dude’s trying to mack on a girl and seducing her to let him take advantage of his digitally advanced photography app. The chorus even comes complete with Instagram shutter sounds! Willie also wants to be able to share with his Instagram followers the beautiful lady in his life so he can work on those Like’s and comments. Nothing wrong with a little social media activity right? Hashtag big pimpin’.

“I never seen a picture on my phone come out like this,” Willie croons. “Done took a lot of photographs but none quite like this.” Rest assured, Willie, your pictures are most definitely supposed to come out quite washed out like that.

If this isn’t 21st century love, we don’t know what is. Staff writer Jeff Van Camp’s reaction concludes that the song would have gone a little more like “Let me Kodak disposable camera all over ya baby” or “Let me Polaroid yer body” to fit his generation. Unfortunately, this seems a little less catchy than Willie Taylor and Jeremih’s rendition. That’s probably why we’re not songwriters.

What musical superstar doesn’t want to make his girl feel like a model? Be sure to put “Instagram Ya Body” on your radar, people. You’re about to hear all the hipsters and teen girls bumpin’ to this summer anthem joint when the song officially releases tomorrow. Wonder if the music label got the copyrights to use Instagram’s logo on the single cover?

In the mean time, hear it for yourself right here and tell us what you honestly think. My personal opinion? Yes, a bit ridiculous, but also ridiculously catchy. Be forewarned: Some not safe for work language.

Update: According to our commenter, another hip hop artist also recently released a single based on Instagram. Here’s the NSFW video of DeStorm’s “Instagram” below (thanks, Marko!). This version is a little less romantic and more about being famous enough to earn a spot on Instagram. How do these two songs compare?