Kollekt.fm curates music from Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube

kollekt fm is a rss reader for music screenshot

Imagine a streaming platform that can stream music from YouTube, Soundcloud, blogs, and Facebook, all neatly from a single screen. That’s the idea behind Kollekt.fm, a Dutch-based playlist generator which gives you the ability to collect and play digital music from multiple sources. While the service isn’t new, the creators have introduced a handy new “feeds” feature, which allows users to listen to infinite, highly curated playlists that combine personal listening preferences with those of music tastemakers.

“With Kollekt.fm, we’ve made it our mission to facilitate honest and pure connections between those that love to recommend good music,” says the website, “and the people that want to tap into their taste for endless, personalized inspiration.”

The platform finds your favorite artists by linking to your Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube accounts. It also gives the option to add any music blogs you might follow, YouTube channels that, amd even your music-related Facebook groups. Similar to music blog aggregator Hype Machine, Kollect.fm doesn’t host any music. Instead, it streams music posted elsewhere from its partner services. Unlike Hype Machine, though, it gives you the ability to listen to music posted on many disparate sources — not just blogs — in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Kollekt.fm also has social features, allowing you to follow other users (and see what they’re listening to), as well as listen to “feeds” that others have created. For instance, you can dive into a curated feed like ‘Relax’ which is made up of tunes from handpicked music blogs, Facebook groups and YouTube channels which offer tunes that strike a chilled-out vibe. Other featured feeds include ‘Cosmic Disco,’ ‘Feeling jazzy’ and ‘DJ Kicks.’

We’re always looking for easier ways to discover new music. While this program is certainly still small in scale, its sleek interface definitely shows promise for both the passive and active music listener.

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