joins LinkedIn and eHarmony as password nightmare continues password leak

Did you change your LinkedIn and eHarmony passwords yet? Good. Now, go change your password, too. The company just announced on its blog that it is “currently investigating the leak of some user passwords,” and that it advises all users “to change their passwords immediately” — just as a precaution, of course.

At the moment, few details are available about the severity of the possible password leak. And it is not clear whether the leak of LinkedIn and eHarmony passwords are in any way connected to the warning. Regardless, if you use, it would be prudent to change your password. And, as we’ve said before, if you use the same password for as you do for other services, you’ll need to your password for those sites as well.

To learn how to choose a hard-to-crack password, see here, or here.

The ongoing wave of leaked passwords first percolated into the news Wednesday morning, as 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords, and 1.5 million encrypted eHarmony passwords were posted to a Russian hacker site so that they could be cracked. At this time, roughly 3.5 million of the LinkedIn passwords have been cracked — up from 300,000 the day before.

To stay up on the situation, the company recommends watching their Twitter feed (@Lastfm), where they will post updates on the situation. We will update this space with further news, as well.