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15 seconds of fame: Add yourself to Maroon 5's latest music video using your phone

If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself in a music video, you now have the chance. Thanks to a partnership with shared media platform Vivoom, fans of pop group Maroon 5 can to use their cell phones to put themselves in the group’s music video for the new single Cold. 

Using your phone’s camera, you can record a 15-second video of yourself by visiting the group’s website and tapping on the create button. You can then choose to film yourself on the spot or upload a video from your phone that will be cut down to 15 seconds. You can preview the video before you upload it.

Your 15-second video is shown in three parts throughout a 25 -econd portion of Maroon 5’s Cold music video. You can be seen floating in the background of a trippy dance floor scene. At one point, a mirror image of the video you shot is beneath it as the camera twists and turns.

Once you are done watching your addition to the music video, you have an option to share a link to the video on Facebook and Twitter. You can also email and text the link to your friends. Unfortunately, you can not save your momentary experience as a music video extra directly onto your phone.

Cold is the second single from Maroon 5’s upcoming sixth studio album. The video debuted online following the band’s performance on Ellen on Wednesday. After the performance, fans were able to play around with Maroon 5 and Vivoom’s collaboration and insert themselves into the newly released music video.

Artists have been experimenting with new ways to share their latest music videos with fans. Earlier this month, Grammy Award-winner Chance the Rapper debuted his music video for his song Same Drugs on Facebook Live. More than 30,000 people watched the live-stream of his prerecorded music video.

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