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Style meets substance in the Marshall Headphones Major II | Video Review

Everybody’s looking for a quality pair of headphones at or below the $100 line. And while there are plenty of choices out there, we’d recommend taking a step outside of the normal headphone fare and checking out the new Major II from Marshall Headphones. The on-ear cans are Marshall’s update on the original Major, adding several improvements to make these one of our favorites in the affordable aisle.

Towing one of the most iconic names in the history of modern rock, you know anything from Marshall is going to bring some style, and the Major II is no exception. The headphones offer plenty of chances to flash the Marshall logo along the exterior, and some other nice touches like a coiled headphone cable, and brassy gold embellishments that recall Marshall’s guitar amps and speaker cabinets.

However, don’t be fooled by the flash — there’s also plenty of substance here. The Major II have been upgraded with better padding along the sides, and they’re also extremely light, adding up to a very comfy fit. Thanks to the new malleable headband, they’re also extremely durable; you can twist and turn them, or even scrunch them together and the headband simply snaps back into place. The earcups also fold in now, allowing for better portability.

There are a few other handy features on board as well, including dual inputs for the removable headphone cable that allow you to choose which side the cable is on, and even share your tunes with a buddy or your significant other. The cable not only gives off the vibe of a ’70s guitar cord, but the coiled center section also keeps it out of the way until you need the extra length. There’s also a single-button inline mic control for fielding phone calls.

When it comes to performance, the Major II’s re-voiced 40mm drivers offer a buttery sound signature, with plenty of punch in the bass, and a brassy clarity to the midrange that allows for some impressive detail, as well as good instrumental separation. You’ll miss a bit of the sparkle in the top end, as these cans are rolled off pretty heavily above the 5kHz mark, but overall, the Major II offer a big improvement over their predecessor here, with solid performance across genres.

Marshall Headphones’ Major II provide style, comfort, and durability, all while offering some impressive sonic performance, making this pair a real contender at the $100 mark, and above.


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