Kim Dotcom teases Megabox in trailer, and a launch is just around the corner


Megabox, the latest venture from everyone’s favorite famed fallen entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, is coming soon. Dotcom has released a couple of teaser trailers for his very much alive music service that he says will revolutionize the music industry, despite the legal battles he’s currently facing over Megaupload.

His new platform will provide its users the option to listen to music for free without the need to pay for subscriptions like Spotify and Pandora. Instead, artists will be compensated for hosting free music that Megabox users would be able to download through a cut of the advertising revenue.

The ads aren’t just ads you’ll find on Megabox’s site, but the way Megabox will display ads is quite intriguing — and at the same time, it could anger some third party ad networks. Megabox will require that users download and install an application called “Megakey.” This application is similar to an ad blocker, but instead of getting rid of ads, Megakey will replace a small number of existing banner advertisements on any given site with Megabox’s own ads.

If you’d like to get access to free music, you’ll have to install the application. Otherwise Megabox will direct you to purchase its music instead.

There are some major artists on board with Dotcom’s latest endeavor. In the teaser trailer we recognized a few major names including Rusko, The Black Keys, Two Fingers, and listed under “Megabox Exclusive Artists.” However, when asked by Torrentfreak about these artists’ participation with Megabox, Dotcom declined to confirm their association with the service. But with the claim that Megabox will provide its participating artists with 90 percent of all earnings, the platform sounds like an attractive proposition that just might end up being a formidable competitor to the most popular music streaming services today.

Some user-facing features may include personal playlists, curated lists for discovering popular albums and songs, and tour dates information.

There also appears to be an emphasis on social interaction within Megabox. A “Who’s Listening” section seems to display, similar to Spotify’s Facebook integration, what your friends have listened to, and users may be able to chat in the app with friends.

Analytics might be an integral factor in the service, but we’re not sure if it’s a feature reserved for artists or the general community. From what we can discern, this feature will include not only the number of plays that a song has garnered, but also how many followers or other metrics about an artist’s social presence, and a sentiment level to display generally how users are liking the music.

We should expect to see Megabox as a platform supported across devices, so you’ll be able to access the service through your tablet, smartphone, and PC.

Megabox is expected to launch near the end of this year.

Check out the trailers below.