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Monster brandishes new headphones, announces ‘Headphones for Haiti’ relief effort

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As CE Week 2014 stretches its legs in New York today, Monster has announced two new headphone models to pitch to the Beat-friendly crowd – now that Beats itself has moved on to Apple-green pastures. Both models sport Monster’s signature glitzy style and sound, albeit in markedly different variations. In addition, the company has announced new colors for its Inspiration Lite headphones, as well as a new Haiti relief effort called “Headphones for Haiti.”

In-Ear iSport Octagon headphones 

Extending its partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship to travel inside the ear, monster revealed its sporty new Octagon ear buds. Designed to withstand the “wear and tear of traveling and training,” Monster has enlisted the help of UFC fighters to promote its new buds, including lightweight champ Anthony Pettis. Features include a Bose-like ear hook to keep the buds in place, an OmniTip “rotating ear pipe” for a secure fit, and Monster’s Pure Monster Sound which claims to offer extreme clarity and deep bass. Pre-ordering on Monster’s site is available now, but no pricing has been given.

Monster DNA Pro 2.0 headphones ($330)

The flagship of Monster’s latest lineup is the DNA Pro 2.0, a successor to the original DNA which upgrades the sound with a pair of custom-designed drivers aimed to handle your entire music catalog – not just “hip-hop and urban” music. The company promises an elevation of clarity and detail, as well as “impactful bass” for its new cans, along with plenty of noise isolation, and a special Monster Music Share feature, which allows users to connect up to five units at once to share the music. The DNA Pro 2.0 will be available in August.

Monster Inspiration Lite headphones ($270)

Monster’s Inspiration Lite headphones take a sharp left turn from its more bulky models, trimming down its regular Inspiration cans for a slimmer on-ear version. Part of Monster’s effort to appeal to female headphone users – according to the company – the Inspiration Lite will be available in two new colors to add to its Titanium and White versions, including Space Gray, and Rose Gold.

Headphones for Haiti

Finally, Monster today announced a relief effort called “Headphones for Haiti,” which is a fundraising event aimed at bolstering Haiti’s vibrant arts and culture community as it continues to rebuild from the quake that rocked the island in 2010. To kick it off, the company has donated 100 pairs of Inspiration headphones painted by a variety of renowned local artists, currently being auctioned off in New York. The proceeds will benefit EPAC Haiti, which is a new Performing Arts center currently under construction.

Monster’s new offerings add to its ample stable of stylized designs, which it hopes will stay in favor as its largest rival, Beats, moves under the authority of one of the most design-driven companies in the world.

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