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Take the Millennium Falcon for a spin: New ‘Star Wars’ vinyl features embedded holograms

Hi-fi geeks and sci-fi nerds alike will enjoy the upcoming two-disc vinyl edition of John Williams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack, but not just because of the classic-sounding crackle and pop that comes with analog music playback.

That’s because the new record features a visual aspect as well: Holograms of the Millennium Falcon and a TIE Fighter have been embedded into the plastic of each disc.

The creation of visual artist Tristan Duke, who previously embedded images onto a special edition of Jack White’s Lazaretto last year, the holograms are made of tiny etchings in the vinyl’s surface — much like those that make the music itself.

“This is an all-analog process,” says Duke in a short video about the release. “Just like the music on the record, where the grooves are carved into the record and recording sound, I’m actually carving grooves of a different kind that record light.”

Spinning holograms that are designed to seem like they are hovering just over the record’s surface, the embedded images are extremely interesting to look at. Plus, they provide a welcome visual respite from what many consider to be a middling musical effort when the songs are compared to much of Williams’ legendary career.

The images appear on two different sides of each disc, making playback enjoyable for the entire length of the sonic experience.

The record comes with a special 16-page booklet featuring information about the release and hologram, as well as other cool Star Wars tidbits. This release comes just after Disney released a special edition picture disc, featuring the cast of the blockbuster film, for this year’s Record Store Day.

The double LP will be released by Disney Music Emporium on June 17 and is a relatively affordable (for such a special release) $47.99. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon; Or just ask your Echo to buy one for you.

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