This video has Nick Offerman, a guitar, a horse, and whiskey. What more could you want?

If there were two men we could choose to have a drink with, the first would be Nick Offerman and the second would be Ron Swanson. These days, it’s difficult to tell where the character ends and the real person begins, but we’ll impart on you this little tip for identifying the two: Swanson plays the sax under the guise of his Duke Silver persona while Offerman plays the guitar as plain ol’ Offerman.

In his latest show of moustachioed masculinity, Offerman sings the struggles of a man who loves to work with his hands and also drink whiskey. The dilemma, you see, is that doing manly things requires two hands: Playing the guitar, woodworking, riding horses named Flowers.

While he cannot add a third hand to his body, Offerman does find a solution for his problem and offers a piece of advice that we all can heed: Work first, then drink to your heart’s content.

Check out the video from Elite Daily to hear Offerman’s My Tales of Whiskey in full and see him ride through the Scottish moors, heard sheep, walk around with a stoic look on his face, ride a boat, and just generally do everything you love him for.

Cheers to you, Nick Offerman.

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