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Not getting enough variety out of Spotify? New app Playlist a Day might be able to help

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If you listen to a lot of music, it doesn’t exactly take a long time until you begin to hear songs over and over. Some people can’t get enough of their favorite songs, so this is fine, but if you crave variety, finding new music can begin to take some effort. A new app aims to make the adventure of musical exploration much easier.

Playlist a Day is a mobile app that does exactly what you would think based on the name. Once the app is installed you’ll be offered a brand new playlist each and every day chosen from a list of more than 175,000 recordings.

Playlist a DayThe playlists come from the aptly named, a community based around collecting and sharing Spotify playlists. In 2014 the site was acquired by Warner Music Group, but since then has continued to operate as a standalone company. Given the popularity of the site, the idea of an app came naturally to founder Kieron Donoghue.

“The idea came about as an extension of the reason why I set up some five years ago or so,” Donoghue said, speaking to TechCrunch. “Namely that I think there is so much choice out there when it comes to what to listen to that it becomes a challenge to find something new and interesting. Algorithms solve this problem partly but I still say you can’t beat human curation.”

This human element gives the playlists delivered in Playlist a Day a cohesion not often found in personalized playlists from streaming services. Spotify’s own Discover Weekly playlists can be brilliant, but a rogue friend or family member commandeering your Spotify can lead to undesired results, showing the seams.

As Playlist a Day and are built on top of Spotify, you’ll need to be a user of that service to get any use out of the app, and because of the way it works, you’ll also need to be a paying subscriber.

The app is available now and can be found on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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