Gangnam Style's Psy gets crazy again in new music video Daddy

Gangnam Style may have been the pinnacle of popularity for Psy, the K-pop star behind the 2012 viral hit, but it wasn’t the pinnacle of bizarre for the artist. His latest music video, Daddy, is just as strange — if not stranger. Since being posted on Psy’s YouTube account on November 30, the video has amassed nearly 8 million views (at the time of publishing).

The song, which features the girl group 2NE1, plays on the “I got it from my mama” riff, changing it instead to “I got it from my daddy.” In line with the theme, the music video includes three generations of Psy, created with comically bad CGI. Because of course he should play himself, his father, and his son.

The music video is rife with hilariously creepy moments, starting with when the doctor hands Psy his newborn baby and we see they share the exact same face. Psy isn’t weirded out at all, though, and with the amount of jumping around he does while holding his kid, it’s like he’s never heard of shaken baby syndrome. Little Psy is clearly fine, though, quickly jumping forward in time to an elementary school-aged child.

The ick factor gets amped up at school, where Little Psy holds court with young girls, and then quickly moves on to making eyes at his teacher. It’s a relief when the older versions of Psy take a bigger role in the video and school is left behind. Soon, we’ve got the grandpa living the high life on yachts, showing off his gold teeth.

The music video is full of Psy’s typical crazy dance moves — anywhere and everywhere. He ballroom dances, shows off choreographed moves with a host of back-up dancers, and does a lot of what just seems to be freestyle fun. It’s not quite Gangnam Style, but it’s still surprisingly entertaining.