Rdio says farewell to users with a page full of statistics

rdio shuts down december 22

Last month was a sad time for Rdio users, as the company filed for bankruptcy and sold much of its business to rival Pandora. On November 23 the streaming service halted sign ups, though it vowed to continue providing its Rdio free service to existing customers until the official end of its life.

Now Rdio is taking a moment to officially say farewell to its users, and what better way to do so than share some statistics about their favorite music? On a new farewell page, users can see the first song they ever played on the service, what song or album they played the most, and what their total listening time was.

If you’re thirsting for some statistics but never had an Rdio account of your own, the company has also provided some statistics on the user base as a whole. For example, the first ever Rdio user signed up on August 3, 2010 and the first song played was Katy Perry’s California Gurls. The most played song on the service was Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man, while Drake’s Nothing Was The Same was the most played album.

Fortunately, Rdio is also allowing users to take their history with them. As the company promised, an export option is now available which contains users’ favorites, playlists, comments, and a list of files they marked for download. Of course this is just metadata — the actual music files aren’t included. For that users will either need to buy the songs or move to another service.

Despite launching first, Rdio never managed to keep up against the streaming giant that is Spotify. At the time the company announced its bankruptcy, it owed creditors $220 million. The sale of key assets to Pandora was worth $75 million, but as part of the deal the company will be shutting down worldwide “in the coming weeks.”

As for what Pandora will gain from the sale, that remains to be seen, but the company has said that it will offer “an expanded listening experience” by the end of 2016.