Runtastic adds ultimate fitness playlist, with more music coming soon

runtastic adds ultimate fitness playlist powered universal music group running vol 1

The sound of your feet hitting the pavement over and over again can drive you mad over the course of a run, but a soundtrack designed to get you pumped could push you that extra mile. With that in mind, Runtastic announced today that it’s partnering with Universal Music Group to create the best fitness playlists in an attempt to drive their users to push through the runner’s wall and come out the other side in a sprint.

The first collaboration of Runtastic and Universal Music Group will be a downloadable mix aptly named Runtastic Music – Running Vol. 1. The companies are promising it will be the first in a line of playlists that will be released over the coming months. The music mixes will feature hand-picked songs designed to motivate and get users to their ideal heart beats per minute. Running Vol. 1 features artists like Swedish House Mafia, Bastille and

Users of Runtastic’s flagship app, just recently updated to version 5.0, will be able to grab the new music in app to listen while burning calories. Purchases of Running Vol. 1 will also include a 5k Power Mix and 10k Power Mix, compilations of songs that should get you through a lengthy run.

Runtastic 5.0 is available for free for iOS and Android devices.

Download Runtastic 5.0 for iPhone here, and don’t forget to read our full review.

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