Sennheiser’s excellent Momentum headphones look for a hat-trick with new in-ear version

As one of our favorite headphone series in both its over-ear and on-ear iterations, Sennheiser’s Momentum holds a close place in our hearts. Perhaps playing on our emotions, (and, likely, high sales numbers), Sennheiser announced a new member of the Momentum family today, unveiling its brand new Momentum In-Ear on the throng of attendees at the IFA 2014 conference in Berlin.

Like the rest of the Momentum family, the new in-ear headphones are designed to accentuate both style and high performance, unloading uniquely styled cuts of high-quality components, along with a hearty helping of that famed Sennheiser sound. And at $100, the baby of the family is not only the most affordable of the brood, but also matches up nicely with what we consider the starting price point for quality headphones like the Klipsch R6i, Beyerdynamic’s MMX 101 IE, and others.

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The hourglass-shaped buds are built from robust materials like stainless steel and polycarbonate, and accented with chrome for extra style points. Inside the Momentum’s “custom-machined stainless steel acoustic pipe(s)” sit a pair of dynamic drivers promising powerful bass, detailed vocals, and a quality sound stage. And while Sennheiser hasn’t disclosed full specs, based on experience, we’re inclined to believe the company’s assertions that the ‘phones sound great until proven otherwise.

Other features for the Momentum In-Ear include the obligatory three button inline mic piece optimized for either iOS, Android, or Windows phones, a solid-looking carrying case, a 2-year warranty, a tangle-resistant two-toned cable, and a variety of tip sizes to fit any ear.

Sennheiser hasn’t disclosed a release date for its latest in-ear creation just yet, but we hope to get our ears on them at the show in Berlin, and also have plans for a full review of the headphones as soon as possible, so stay with us for more.

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