Shure’s two new pairs of noise-isolating earbuds leave cords in the past

Shure is one of the most widely respected names in audio, producing consistently high-quality gear without resorting to gimmicky tactics like pastel colorways or artificially boosted bass.

On Monday, September 18, Shure announced three additions to its already-robust lineup: Two pairs of Bluetooth earphones — the Wireless SE112 and the Wireless SE215 — and a Bluetooth Remote and Mic Accessory Cable that can turn select wired Shure earphones into Bluetooth-ready wireless buds.

Shure has always been known for its crystal-clear sound signature but hasn’t always featured the most up-to-date, future-proof products. That all changes as the SE Sound Isolating Earphones go wireless. At $99 and $149 respectively, the SE112 and SE215 each offer eight hours of battery life with sound isolation that blocks up to 37dB of outside noise. Plus, with 30 feet of Bluetooth range, you can leave your phone in a safe spot and enjoy your favorite tunes without worry.

Both pairs of earphones also come with USB charging cables, carry pouches, and fit kits to ensure the efficacy of Shure’s sound isolation technology. There are not many differences between the SE112 and the SE215; the SE215 offers a deeper, richer soundstage with slightly improved bass response, and (perhaps most importantly) the SE215 are also equipped with Shure’s new detachable Bluetooth Remote and Mic Accessory Cable, which you can purchase a la carte for $99.

The cable is compatible with Shure’s SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, and SE846 earphone models. It has a three-button inline remote and built-in microphone, with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts for eight hours on a single charge. It can be swapped out with Shure’s wired Remote and Mic Accessory Cable, which retails for $29.

All three products are available via several online retailers. Both the SE112 and the Accessory Cable are available in black only, while the SE215 come in clear, translucent black, translucent blue, and white. We haven’t yet had a chance to get our hands on any of Shure’s new additions, but we did love the wired version of the SE112 when we reviewed them in 2014.

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