Sony expands Music Unlimited, its hopeful Spotify killer, to iPhone and iPod Touch

sony music unlimited

Chasing Spotify’s success is no small task. Navigating the countless music licenses alone is a perilous and headache-inducing proposition, but Sony continues to believe that there is room for one more music streaming service. On Tuesday, the company announced the release of its Music Unlimited app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, slated to be launched this Friday, May 25.

“With the proliferation of connected devices, consumers expect complete access to their digital entertainment and demand a consistent experience regardless of the device,” Tim Schaaff, President of Sony Network Entertainment International, said in a statement. “Bringing the Music Unlimited service to iPhone and iPod touch is one of the many ways we are able to reach more music lovers around the world while ensuring the same level of high-quality entertainment that is associated with the overall Sony Entertainment Network experience.”

Music Unlimited has thus far been running on Android, PlayStation 3 and Vita, and home theater mediums including Bravia TVs. On Friday it will be finally made available for iOS users, short of the iPad, although rumors have it that an iPad app is in the works. The app itself is free to download, and can be used up to 30 days without a subscription.

Unlike Spotify, which offers users a basic plan to stream music for free (with ads and restrictions) Music Unlimited offers two paid subscription plans – one for $9.99 per month and the other for $3.99. The more expensive plan offers users the freedom to listen to Sony’s entire 15 million track library without restrictions. The cheaper, $3.99 plan restricts users to predetermined channels, which can be skipped without limitations. To listen to individual tracks, Music Unlimited requires that a user to own the track and sync it with Sony’s catalogue.

“With the addition of the new iPhone and iPod touch app, users with a Basic or Premium subscription can listen to their favorite songs across a number of the most popular connected devices — in and out of the home,” said Michael Aragon, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Video and Music Services, Sony Network Entertainment International.

While Spotify currently offered in 15 countries after having added Australia and New Zealand just yesterday, Music Unlimited offers its services in 14 countries. For Canadians and Italians, Music Unlimited may be a viable alternative to Spotify, which isn’t offered in those two countries.

Unfortunately, the competition is about to get more crowded as Samsung has expressed its own intention to compete with Spotify after Samsung’s purchase of Mspot. It should be interesting to witness how Music Unlimited and its competitors intend to compete with Spotify, the dominant foe in the music-streaming space.

Check out the screen shots of the service on an iPhone below:

sony expands music unlimited its hopeful spotify killer to iphone and ipod touch screen shot home
music unlimited iphone screen shot home