Spotify’s new family plans let everyone jam for less

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Streaming music can get expensive. Between data costs and subscription costs, it can be tough — especially for families. Spotify’s new family plans let every member of the family stream music for less.

The plans start at $15 for a family of two and go up from there. The first member of the family pays the standard $10 a month fee for Spotify, but each additional family member pays half that. A family of three can get a premium Spotify subscription for just $20, a family of four will pay $25, and a family of five pays $30. Previously, a family of five would have spent a whopping $50 a month, so that everyone could stream music. The family plan nearly cuts that number in half.

Just like individual Spotify Premium subscriptions, the family plans allow each person to create and manage their own playlists and music library. Spotify will also provide personalized song recommendations, cache playlists for offline listening, let users listen to music without being interrupted by ads, and there’s support for multiple devices. The only difference is the lower price.

Spotify’s family plans will undoubtedly attract families that are already fans of the music-streaming service, and could help the company attract more subscribers. In May, Spotify announced that it has 10 million paying subscribers and 40 million active users. The service’s main goal is to turn casual listeners into paying subscribers, which has proved a hard sell in the past. Spotify also faces string competition from Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, and other freemium streaming services.

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