Spotify inks deal with Coca Cola: Do you care?

Spotify and Coke press conference

Spotify, a music streaming service, is strategically partnering up with…a soft drink company. Yep. Today in New York, Spotify held a big press conference announcing its new “strategic” partnership with Coca Cola. Coke will soon have its own app in the Spotify marketplace where it will promote music it likes (and has paid for), and the two companies will co-promote each other in many ways throughout 2012 and beyond.

Despite the big shebang and full-scale press conference, neither Coke nor Spotify seemed to have a strong sense of how they will actually work together. Coke executives say that the company will “leverage the Spotify platform” and help “bring Spotify to the world” using Coke’s massive marketing budget and global soft drink penetration. 

Spotify CEO and Founder Daniel Ek commented a few times at the oddly sparse press conference, but seemed fidgety and somewhat uncomfortable — a stark difference from the energetic enthusiasm he usually displays. “We’ve found that Coca Cola really understands what Spoitfy is about,” said Ek.

One reporter asked a good question: When is the Spotify iPad app coming? Ek said it’s coming along, but wouldn’t comment further. 

Jeff Levick, chief marketing solutions officer at Spotify, was as vague as everyone else on stage, saying that the new partnership has four key areas: Global, Technology, Social, and Music. Wonder what exactly that means? So do we.

This partnership is undoubted good for the future of Spotify. Coke executives said that “Spotify will be at the core of Coke’s 2012 efforts,” which can’t be a bad thing. If there’s one thing Spotify could use right now, it’s greater exposure. Still, will there be any end benefit of this partnership to users? From everything we heard today, unless you want to download the Coke Spotify app, or are a regular visitor to the Coca Cola Facebook page, this deal really won’t affect you much.

To all of you expecting to learn something valuable from this post, consider this an apology. If we learn any real, tangible details about this partnership that are interesting, we’ll let you know. 

Does this deal excite you as a user? Are we missing something?