Spotify's Your Year in Music recaps your 2015 listening habits

International music streaming powerhouse Spotify has released a personal year-end list for each user, which it calls Your Year In Music.

The company’s private, user-specific, numbers come as a follow-up to last week’s announcement, in which the company made public the top streamed artists on the site, both by country and worldwide.

Users can log in to the company’s Year In Music website to get their numbers, scrolling through the various categories to get a picture of themselves as Spotify’s numbers paint them. The new feature will show users a myriad of cool personalized information about their accounts, including the first song they played on the service in 2015, as well as their top songs and artists by season. The list also allows listeners to see their top tracks and artists overall for the whole year.

If you are the average American listener, that top artist is likely Drake. The rapper/R&B singer topped last week’s list of most-streamed artists in the world, with 1.6 billion streams across 46 million listeners in 2015. British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is also likely on your list somewhere, having been streamed over 3 billion times to make him the most-streamed artist of all time on the service.

In addition to the information, the company is curating playlists for each user based on their 2015 listening habits to get them into the new year, which it is calling Play It Forward.

For Spotify members, the company’s use of internal data to analyze them and their music habits is one of the main draws to pay for the service, which serves up a fresh batch of recommended songs to users each week via its popular Discover Weekly playlist.

Overall, the fact that the company is turning its analytics outwards is mostly a fun way to teach users things they might not even realize about their own listening habits.

People who like what they see can share an infographic-like snapshot the results with social media accounts.