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Spotify's party house at SXSW will have live performances and a cardio party

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Today, Spotify unveiled an artist lineup and further details for the interactive Spotify House showcase it will build for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016, running March 14-18, and it’s looking like a regular smart playpen for music lovers.

This will be the streaming music service’s fifth Spotify House showcase at SXSW, but this year’s seems to reflect the company’s growing dominance in the streaming music space with bigger and better features across the board. The house will come equipped with a Chromecast Audio Porch, Playstation Music Arcade, daily rides on SoulCycle, and much more. The showcase will also feature more than 45 performances across two stages from the likes of Vince Staples, Miguel, D.R.A.M., Kacy Hill, and a plethora of others. Comedian (and DT’s recently crowned virtual reality porn expert), Hannibal Buress, will also the showcase on March 14 and 15.

The Chromecast Audio Porch will allow people to test out Spotify’s new Chromecast compatibility in the Chromecast Audio Soundbooth and watch exclusive live music and shows on The Porch. Chromecast and Spotify’s humble abode will also allow attendees to play with the Jukebox app, which allows people at a designated location to vote on the next song to play on the playlist.

At the Playstation Music Arcade, attendees will be able to play MLB The Show 2016 weeks before its March 29 release date, as well as Street Fighter V. Syfy and Spotify will immerse fans in the network’s new show Hunters, which Spotify teamed up with earlier this year.

The Spotify House will also make art out of data, literally. Acclaimed visual artist Shantell Martin will create a mural from Spotify’s listenable map of global music interests on, a site that plots the 1,300+ music genres available on Spotify on a playable map, a feature that should make Martin’s mural truly interactive. 

Those somehow not getting enough exercise pacing SXSW’s massive expanse will be able to enjoy one of SoulCycle’s “cardio parties” while listening to world famous DJ’s Chromeo, AlunaGeorge and Neon Indian. The press release for the Spotify House states the sessions will come with an “immersive, 360 projection mapping experience,” so you’ll be amazed while you sweat. Spotify has also partnered with car-sharing company Car2Go to provide any needed travel.

In an effort to be the most responsible party host possible, Spotify are will donate the materials used to build the Spotify House toward a new recording studio project for the students at nearby Kealing Middle School. Whether your choice of fun is video games, music, or TV, the Spotify House looks like it will be on of the festival’s go-to destinations.

To RSVP for the showcase you must do so here, but only if you’re a Spotfy account holder.

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