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Watch party: Vevo’s new feature lets you enjoy music videos with others in real time

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Music fans in countries around the world will soon have another place to discuss all of their favorite music videos. Vevo recently announced that its web app will receive a new feature called Watch Party, which syncs music videos across multiple computers so people can watch together from wherever they are.

A Watch Party is essentially a chat room where users watch the same music videos via a real-time playlist. In one type of Watch Party, the users can vote for which music videos on the playlist they would like to play next. Another type of Watch Party — host mode — can be launched by a user acting as a DJ, who dictates which music videos play when, while the rest of the partiers watch. In both types, an unlimited number of users can join a Watch Party — no matter where in the world they are — and chat with each other. Vevo announced the news recently at this year’s South by Southwest film festival.

Vevo’s Watch Party will be the latest app feature bringing people together through video clips. Earlier this month, Google’s startup incubator Area 120 released Uptime, a group video messaging app for the iPhone that allows you to watch YouTube videos with other people in real time.

Vevo has been beefing up the user experience on its mobile and app platforms as it prepares for its perpetually gestating subscription service. The music video streaming service started allowing users to edit millions of music videos into shareable GIF videos in November. The company revamped its mobile app last summer, unveiling the ability to watch music videos on your phone in the vertical position, without the video being cropped horizontally.

You and your friends will not have to wait long before you can make a party out of Vevo videos. Vevo says the Watch Party feature will be available later this month.

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