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Weezer unloads two new tracks on the Jimmy Kimmel crowd

Weezer Performs "Do You Wanna Get High"
Last night, Weezer performed two new songs — Do You Wanna Get High? and Thank God For Girls — from the rock group’s upcoming self-titled LP on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Both songs off the record, which is being dubbed Weezer’s White Album, continue the ‘90s alt rock veterans’ legacy of catchy, tongue-in-cheek power pop jams. The performances themselves (the second one is posted below) were a bit on the taut side, but the latter half of Do You Wanna Get High? shows that Weezer still has spirit more than 20 years since forming.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo explained on lyrics site Genius that Do You Wanna Get High? is about taking pills with his girlfriend in 2000 and 2001. “Those were some incredible nights,” said the longtime rocker. “I remember hanging out with [Limp Bizkit singer] Fred Durst around that time too.”

Weezer Performs "Thank God for Girls"

While Do You Wanna Get High? is a fairly straightforward Weezer song, Thank God For Girls is a little more off the beaten path. The single features Cuomo rap-singing fairly cryptic lyrics about a girl he can’t have. In his Genius comments for the song, he explains that he’s jealous of dating apps which make it easy to find girls but that it’s disappointing that the trend has become so popular. “Such a bummer. To be evaluated by women. To be graded. To be rated. Where do I stand? How big? How strong? How enduring? How energetic? How inventive? So sad that it comes to this.”

The full-length record, which Cuomo has said is a “beach album,” will be released on April 1. It will be Weezer’s 10th LP, following 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Weezer will no doubt be rocking its new album, as well as hits like Island in the Sun, Say It Ain’t So, and Buddy Holly on the band’s four-month U.S. tour, which kicks off on March 31 in Brooklyn.

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