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Boombox meets Bluetooth in Yamaha’s latest creations

yamaha tsx b141 b235
When it comes to jamming your favorite tunes, there’s no doubt Bluetooth speakers offer unparalleled convenience. But plenty of manufacturers see that convenience come at the cost of general utility. As wireless audio becomes more popular, companies have begun to blend features we typically associate with older stereo systems into their products, offering a more premium experience that blends the new with the old.

That seems to be exactly what Yamaha had in mind when it created two new products, unveiled today. The new TSX-B141 and TSX-B235 compact audio systems offer all the features you’d expect from a Bluetooth speaker, but with a more classic look — and a lot more functionality.

“While Bluetooth has become an extremely popular way to play music, many people still want to play their CDs or tune in to their favorite radio stations. These systems support both streaming and traditional sources, which makes them incredibly versatile,” says Yamaha A/V division general manager Bob Goedken. “They also provide a big sound that belies their space-efficient size, so they are perfect all-in-one solutions for the bedroom, den, kitchen or office.”

The larger of the two systems is the TSX-B141. It offers Bluetooth connectivity including the aptX codec as well as NFC for easier pairing, which is par for the course, but it also sports a built-in AM/FM radio and CD player. The sharp player is available in black, brick, and champagne gold finish.


The smaller TSX-B235 offers the same feature set, but in a more compact design. It also adds a recessed wood panel on top that Yamaha says makes “an ideal home for reading glasses, keys or other items needed to be kept hand.” Speaking of convenience, both models also include alarm clock functionality with Yamaha’s IntelliAlarm, which wakes you up slowly by ramping up music.

While the TSX-B141 uses tactile knobs on the front, the TSX-B235 opts for buttons instead. There is no remote included with either system, but you won’t need one — Yamaha’s Desktop Audio Controller app for iOS or Android handles that burden.

You won’t be taking either system to the beach with you, as neither has a built-in battery. On the other hand, Both models feature two USB ports: one for sourcing digital music files, and one for charging your mobile devices.

The Yamaha TSX-B141 goes on sale this month for $400, while the TSX-B235 premieres in August for $350. Both models are available “exclusively at authorized Yamaha AV dealers.” For more information, check out Yamaha’s website.

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