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YouTube Music isn’t ready to be your daily music driver just yet

It’s nice to have variety and options for streaming media, especially music. And with music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music already dominating the scene it’s a tough task for newcomers to come in and try to tackle the competition. A host of services, including Tidal, have come in and tried to make a splash with meager results. The latest to join the bunch is YouTube Music. Fresh off the recent addition of its premium based video platform YouTube Red, many wonder if YouTube Music will have what it takes to become their go-to music app.

In this video Joshua Smith gives you a hands-on look at the new YouTube Music app. After spending some time with the new streaming service it’s obvious that YouTube is aiming to carve out it’s turf in the streaming music landscape. Find out how the app works, where it beats other apps, and where it falls short. With tons of videos to watch, an offline mixtape mode, and even the ability to listen to YouTube audio outside of the app, this could be the music app for you.

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