Mobile World Congress 2021

There’s no bigger show for mobile tech geeks than Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As CES in January shed many of the biggest mobile announcements, MWC has maintained a steady cadence of delivery hard-hitting news in the mobile world. For 2021, though, that isn’t necessarily the case. Due to ongoing restrictions and health concerns around the world, MWC 2021 is greatly diminished in size and importance. There is a show happening, but it is mostly taking place virtually — and because of that, many companies have decided to pull out of the show or scale back their attendance. Still, we’re following everything coming out of the show happening in Barcelona. It runs from June 28 to July 1, officially.

Samsung’s first Wear smartwatch arrives this summer, and it’ll feature One UI

Samsung's first Galaxy Watch model with the new Wear platform will arrive in the summer, and will feature a One UI interface that may look like Tizen.

Consumer tech trade shows like MWC are changing, and it’s for the better

There are changes happening around the format of familiar, long-established tech trade shows like MWC and CES, and it seems to be for the better.
CES 2019 Crowd Hero Shot

Mobile World Congress 2021 postponed to late June due to COVID-19

GSMA is postponing MWC 2021, which was originally set to take place in March, to late June.
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LG’s next flagship phone, the V60 ThinQ, leaks after MWC cancellation

The company's next flagship features a tiny notch and familiar design.
LG V60 ThinQ press render leak

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite hands-on review: External tracking returns

With old-school external tracking, HTC's VR faceplate gives Cosmos owners options.
vive cosmos elite

What to expect from smartphone makers now that MWC 2020 is canceled

Here's the latest on where phone makers will launch products
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Digital Trends Live: MWC cancellation, fact-checking Facebook, and more

On today's Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top stories in tech, including the cancellation of the MWC.
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Nokia and HMD Global won’t be in Barcelona. Will coronavirus cancel MWC 2020?

More companies are canceling MWC 2020 appearances. Will others follow, and will MWC 2020 still take place?
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Galaxy S20, Galaxy Buds+, Z Flip: Everything you’ll see at Galaxy Unpacked today

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is today, and we're expecting a number of reveals, including the new Galaxy S20.
Galaxy S10 Lite

GSMA confirms Ericsson pulling out of MWC could have further impact on the show

The organizer, GSMA, has confirmed Ericsson pulling out could potentially have a further impact on MWC 2020.
Ericsson HQ

Motorola’s next flagship with 90Hz wraparound screen previewed in new leak

Here is our first look at the Motorola Edge+, which includes a curved screen that wraps around the edges.
Motorola Edge Plus leak

ZTE will skip Mobile World Congress press conference due to coronavirus outbreak

ZTE cites secondary effects of coronavirus for skipping MWC, including issues related to travel and visas.
Cricket Wireless

Huawei Mate X2 folding phone patent shows big design change over the original

Unlike the Mate X, Huawei's Mate X2 could have a screen that folds inward, like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
huawei mate x review hinge

Motorola’s next phone may be a rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note series

A new leak from Evan Blass shows a Motorola phone with an edge-to-edge display, a stylus, and Android 10.
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Qualcomm says 2020 is the year 5G will finally go mainstream

Qualcomm is all-in on 5G and thinks you will be too soon enough. The company sees 2020 as the year consumers truly embrace 5G.
Cristiano Amon at CES 2020

TCL Communication is a sleeping giant about to awaken, and 5G is its alarm clock

The new TCL 10 smartphone range includes a sub-$500 5G model and It turns out the emerging network technology is crucial to the brand's end-to-end Global expansion.
tcl 5g smartphone interview ces2020 10 head

Nvidia’s EGX is the super-computing cloud platform of the future

Nvidia's EGX cloud platform, combined with the power of Microsoft's Azure, will bring the power of AI to more businesses, from camera-driven quality inspections at BMW to automated decision-making at Walmart with IoT sensors.
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Nvidia and Ericsson announce the first GPU-powered 5G mobile network

Though Nvidia's GPUs are commonly found on some of the most powerful gaming systems today, it may also soon find a home in an unlikely place: 5G networks. Nvidia is pushing its GPU-accelerated EGX server to help drive 5G networks.
nvidia egx 5g mobile network ericcson software

Sony Xperia 1 review: One for the fans

Sony’s Xperia 1 smartphone is svelte, tall, modern, and powerful. The 21:9 aspect ratio means you get a cinematic viewing experience. It’s too bad there are several other shortcomings, such as a lackluster camera.
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F(x)tec Pro 1, the phone with a full-size keyboard, is available for pre-order

Want a full-size keyboard on your smartphone? Check out the Pro 1 from a company called F(x)tec. It has a physical keyboard you can slide out.

Sony’s Xperia 1 is the first smartphone with a 4K OLED display

Sony took the wraps off of three new phones at Mobile World Congress 2019, including the new Xperia 1, which is the company's new flagship phone and the first with a 4K OLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio.
Sony Xperia 1

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Here’s everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are here. The flagship devices boast some awesome new features and a powerful new processor. Here's everything you need to know about these Samsung phones.
samsung galaxy s9 plus review both

LG’s V50 ThinQ is a different take on the folding phone, and it supports 5G

LG has a habit of releasing too many phones. Following on the heels of the V40 ThinQ, the company has now unveiled the LG V50 ThinQ. There's 5G support, as well as an accessory that turns it into a foldable phone.
LG V40 ThinQ Review

Huawei Mate X folding smartphone: Everything you need to know

The Huawei Mate X is an exciting 5G folding smartphone with stunning looks. The Mate X has three screens, a clever hinge system, and a Leica camera. All the details you need to know are right here.
Huawei Mate X

5G your old phone: HTC’s 5G Hub is now available for pre-order from Sprint

HTC almost made a phone. The HTC 5G Hub runs Android 9 Pie, has a Qualcomm 855 processor with the X50 modem, 4GB of RAM, and an HD touchscreen -- but it's a hot spot designed to connect to 5G networks.
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Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 210 hands-on review

HMD's Nokia 9 PureView smartphone, which has five camera lenses on the back, may have stolen the show at Mobile World Congress 2019, but the company also announced four other phones — all of which cost under $200.

The modern-looking Axon 10 Pro 5G is ZTE’s first 5G-ready smartphone

At MWC 2019, ZTE took the opportunity to unveil two new phones, including the new ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G. As the name suggests, the phone features 5G connectivity -- and is ZTE's first device to do so.

BlackBerry Key2: Everything you need to know

BlackBerry's Key2 is likely to be the best keyboard-equipped phone in 2019, with a modern look, some powerful specs, and totally revamped features. Here's everything you need to know about it.
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The LG G8 ThinQ lets you unlock your phone with your hand’s vein pattern

At Mobile World Congress 2019, LG finally took the wraps off of the LG G8 ThinQ, the company's latest and greatest flagship phone. The device features an edge-to-edge display, upgraded specs, and what LG calls the Z Camera.
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Like a car, this watch has dampers on the strap to make it more comfortable

Like a car, this stunning luxury watch has shock absorbing dampers that attach the strap to the case, rather than a more traditional system, to increase comfort. We've worn one, and it really seems to work.
mwandco asset watch dampers lugs

Punkt MP-02 hands-on review

Punkt’s second phone, the MP-02, doesn’t follow the generally accepted update cycle, adding only three main new features, one of which is a 4G LTE connection. It’s a fascinating little phone, and you’re going to love it.
Punkt MP-02 review

Nokia 9 PureView review

HMD’s latest phone is the Nokia 9 PureView, which is a limited-edition phone that places a heavy emphasis on its camera experience. It may not take the best photos on a smartphone, but it certainly is the most fun you’ll have using a camera on a phone.
nokia 9 pureview review nokia9 fw

The Nokia 9 PureView: What we like and what we don’t like

HMD Global’s latest high-end phone is a showcase of camera technology, because the company has partnered with Light to build a 5-camera array on the limited edition Nokia 9 smartphone. There’s a lot to like, but we have gripes too.
Nokia 9 hands-on review

Nokia 9 PureView vs. iPhone XR: Can HMD Global take on Apple?

The Nokia 9 PureView comes with an amazing penta-lens camera suite and some powerful flagship specs -- but can it take down a smartphone veteran? We put it against the iPhone XR to find out which phone is better for you.
Nokia 9 hands-on review

MWC 2019 went beyond the hype, showcasing real industry-changing innovation

MWC 2019 closed its doors after bombarding visitors with some of the most exciting, innovative, and industry-changing technology and products we've seen in years. The after-effects will be felt for some time.
galaxy fold presentation

Here are our picks of the best phones of MWC 2019

We saw an awful lot of smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. Some were good, some were bad, but with folding phones and 5G on the agenda it was a show to remember. Here are our picks for the best phones of MWC 2019.
Huawei Mate X

A security flaw leaves Ring doorbells and cameras vulnerable to spying

Security researchers at Dojo by BullGuard showed a security vulnerability in Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell that allows a hacker to access video and audio and even inject counterfeit video.
ring wired security products color night vision wi fi enabled video doorbell

Nokia 4.2 vs. Nokia 3.2 vs. Nokia 1 Plus: Trio of budget phones compared

Some of the best budget Android phones available over the last few months have been Nokia-branded devices from HMD Global. We compare the latest trio -- the Nokia 4.2, 3.2, and 1 Plus -- to find out what divides them and which is best.

Exclusive: We take the first shots with the Nokia PureView 9’s 5-camera system

The Nokia 9 PureView was one of the most anticipated phones at MWC 2019 thanks to its unique five-camera lenses on the back. Digital Trends has exclusively tested the phone for the past week to see what it's like.
exclusive look at first photos from the nokia 9 pureview review feat

Digital Trends Live: MWC 2019, ezCater, and an Apple streaming service

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we sat down with John Hall of and Briscoe Rodgers of EzCater. We were also joined by DT's Caleb Denison to discuss how Apple is looking to revolutionize TV streaming.
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LG’s V50 ThinQ demo shows potential of 5G for viewing live concerts

We hear a lot about how 5G is going to change our lives, but don't often get to see just what it could do. At MWC 2019, LG simulated how the hyperfast connection will transform the way we watch live concerts.
lg v50 thinq 5g demo izone news dual screen idol live

LG G8 ThinQ vs. LG V50 ThinQ

There are so many choices in the smartphone market that it can be tough to pick the right phone for you. We compare LG's latest flagships here: The LG G8 ThinQ and the LG V50 ThinQ to find out which is better.
lg g8 thinq vs v50 review 9

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G hands-on review

The question of whether to buy a 5G phone in 2019 is complex. The Galaxy S10 5G will be one of the first 5G phones on all major carriers, but it’s also going to be among the most expensive in Samsung’s new Galaxy lineup.
samsung galaxy s10 5g review feat

Ericsson wants to make 5G networking easier with packing tape

To facilitate easier 5G networking Ericsson invented “Radio Stripes” – essentially packing tape with serialized radios every foot or so and linked by flexible wire. To deploy, simply unroll.
Pal Frenger holds Radio Stripe network tape

Nubia Alpha Hands-on review

The Nubia Alpha is the maddest wearable we’ve seen in a while. Described as a wearable smartphone, it has a 4-inch flexible screen that wraps around the top of your wrist, gesture controls so you don’t have to touch the screen, and a camera.
nubia alpha review feat2

Sony Xperia 1 vs. Xperia 10 Plus vs. Xperia 10: Battle of the ultrawide phones

Sony released three phones at MWC 2019. The Xperia 1, Xperia 10, and Xperia 10 Plus are Sony's newest entries, and they come with long 21:9 ultrawide screens. How do they compare to each other? We found out.
sony xperia 1 10 plus mwc 2019 group

OnePlus, Qualcomm launch contest to help developers create 5G apps of tomorrow

OnePlus is partnering with Qualcomm and British telecoms company EE to offer app developers the chance to create apps that take full advantage of 5G's strengths. Some serious support is on offer for the winners.
OnePlus 5G prototype MWC

MicroSD Express format brings blazing-fast data transfer speeds to devices

As announced at WMC 2019, Memory cards with the new MicroSD Express format depend on the faster PCIe and NVMe interfaces found in SSDs and can deliver speeds of up to 985 megabytes per second.
galaxy s8 tips and tricks