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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update lowers drop rates for Bunny Day eggs

Get egg-cited. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will nerf egg appearances.

The latest New Horizons update 1.1.4 addresses fan complaints about the ongoing Bunny Day event that has taken over players’ islands.

According to Nintendo’s Japanese site, the patch lowers the drop rates for some of the collectible eggs used for Bunny Day, including the water egg, which replaces fish in the river and ocean. While this will make it more difficult to craft the egg-themed furniture that is exclusive to the April event, the nerfed egg spawns are temporary.

On Bunny Day proper, which falls on Easter Sunday, April 12, the egg drop rates will rise significantly. This will make it easier for players to finish off their collection of crafted furniture to show to Zipper T. Bunny, the mysterious host of the Easter-themed event.

This compromise should please Animal Crossing fans who have been critical of the event for making it difficult to catch fish and mine minerals over the 12-day event period.

Bunny Day has been a mainstay in the Animal Crossing series since 2008’s Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii. It has traditionally been a one-day event that falls on Easter Sunday, but New Horizons turns it into a nearly two-week egg tour de force. Players can collect rare eggs on their island and any mystery islands they visit to craft exclusive furniture and clothing until the event ends. In total, players need to use the eggs to craft 18 pieces of furniture to complete Zipper’s Bunny Day challenge. There are an additional 23 egg-themed clothing recipes to find.

The update also reportedly fixes an issue with Flick, the bug enthusiast that occasionally appears on islands and is willing to buy bugs at a premium price from the player. If players give Flick three of the same bug, the red chameleon will create a model replica for them. The patch fixes an issue where Flick would not create models of the Scarab Beetle.

To get the update, players need to connect to the internet when booting up the game and must have sufficient space on their Nintendo Switch or microSD card.

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