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AntiSec hackers target Apple servers


One of the big selling points of Apple computers is their high level of security against malware and other malicious software. But the latest breach in the “Operation AntiSec” hacker campaign might put a damper on that stellar reputation. This weekend, the group claimed to stolen 27 usernames and passwords from a vulnerable link, and published the private data online via

The breach was announced on Sunday via the @AnonymousIRC Twitter account, and first reported by The Hacker News. Operation AntiSec (aka OpAntiSec or just AntiSec) is a cyberattack campaign carried out by a coalition cadre made up of Anonymous and members of the now-defunct Lulz Security hacker group.

Reports indicate that the stolen user data does not contain any public user information.

According to the @AnonymousIRC tweet, Apple “could be [a] target” in Operation AntiSec. But the group says “don’t worry,” they “are busy elsewhere.” Of course, that’s not exactly reassuring if you’re an Apple customer. But at least they’ve given everyone a bit of warning if, in fact, they do plan to go after Apple in a more concerted attack.

Operation AntiSec has wreaked havoc on companies like Sony and AT&T. But the campaign has centered particular attention on the law enforcement agencies of Arizona in protest of the state’s controversial immigration policy. So far, AnitSec hackers have hit Arizona authorities three times.

It is not yet clear what will be the next target on the AntiSec list. Though it is safe to assume that there is a next target: According to a tweet from @AnonymousIRC, posted at about 12pm EST today, the group is “[p]reparing a nice gift for the US’ birthday today. But no promises yet as we value quality over a rushed release. Stay tuned.”

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