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Apple Announces Music Event for September 1

Apple has announced it will be holding a “special event” in San Francisco on September 1, and although the company has not announced an agenda, for the last several years the company has introduced used late-summer/early-autumn events to introduce additions to its iTunes application and service as well as new iPods for the end-of-year holiday buying season.

Apple’s invitations to the event feature an acoustic guitar with the soundhole modified to form the Apple logo, leaving little doubt a good portion of the announcement will focus on music.

Industry watchers expect Apple to announce new features for its iTunes music service as well as to update its iPod line—many expect Apple to announce a revamped iPod touch that brings the device up to the iPhone 4’s specs in terms of screen resolution, processing power, and even onboard cameras. Other possible announcements includes a revamped Apple TV—quite possibly running Apple’s iOS. Some Apple watchers speculate the company may also announce an update to its iLife application suite, which hasn’t seen an update since iLife ’09 as the company has focused on its mobile device offerings.

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