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Bic’s A.I.-enabled razor will become a smarter, better shaving device

When you think of devices that might utilize artificial intelligence, you likely think of smart home technology, laptops, and video games. But what about shaving razors? At CES 2020, Bic announced The Next Bic Thing, a collaborative platform the company plans to use to foster innovation and creative products. One of these collaborative efforts is with Invoxia and it’s is something surprising: A connected razor. 

What might artificial intelligence offer a razor, you ask? The technology is said to capture information about the temperature of the water, the humidity in the room, how dense your hair is, your shaving speed, number of strokes, total time spent shaving, how dull the blade is, and much more. This razor is still a prototype and hasn’t been named, but Bic hopes the data collected by the community will provide valuable insight into how people shave. 

According to Eric Carreel, the co-founder of Invoxia, “By using a smart device that collects useful data, we can better understand just about anyone’s bats and provide instant and personalized feedback.” The A.I. could help adjust the speed of the razor to better match the density of the hair on your face, for example. 

The razor will connect through Bluetooth 4.0 and have a battery life of up to two weeks, rechargeable through a USB-C connection. Both the razor and the base station are water-resistant, with the razor holding an IP68 rating and the base station holding an IP64 rating. The app to control and manage the razor will be free through both iOS and Android, and the shaver itself will receive updates through Bluetooth. No release date has yet been given for the connected razor. 

This A.I.-enabled razor is one of several new initiatives by Bic that includes the BodyMark, a temporary tattoo marker designed specifically for skin, and the Made For You razor. Both of these are available for purchase on Amazon inside the U.S. By collaborating with different companies, Bic hopes to create products that revolutionize the way people approach every aspect of their lives, from something as simple as shaving in the morning to getting a tattoo.

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