Disney is making new Frozen animated shorts for your kids to watch on YouTube

While society shelters in place amid the coronavirus outbreak, the team over at Disney has gone to considerable lengths to make sure children can stay entertained at home. It began with the early release of Frozen 2 on Disney+, and now Disney has announced that it’s doubling down on Frozen shorts.

In a tweet, Disney Animation announced an all-new original digital series titled At Home With Olaf, which are available for free on YouTube and focused around the cute snowman from the blockbuster films. The series will be created a team of animators helmed by Disney supervising animator Hyrum Osmond from their homes, and Olaf actor Josh Gad will also work from home to lend his voice to the project.

The series begins this week, according to the tweet, though it’s not clear how often new editions of the series will become available, or how many Gad and Osmond will team up to create. But the first episode of the series provides a snapshot of what we can expect.

At just over 40 seconds long, the episode opens with Olaf standing on a frozen pond, tossing snowballs into the forest. Or, at least, what he thinks are snowballs. One of his final throws turns out to be a snowgie, or a miniature snowman, and Olaf briefly panics when he realizes the error. When the snowgie comes trotting back, however, the jubilation of snowball chucking resumes.

Granted, this isn’t groundbreaking content. But it’s new, well-done animation, which is impressive considering it was done at home and not at Disney’s high-tech animation studios. More importantly, it’s exactly the kind of wholesome material that the world could use a whole lot more of right now, and it’s another example of individuals like Gad and Osmond doing what they can to make a difference. In other words, count us in for the continuing journey of Olaf. May he giggle excitedly for eternity.

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