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Elden Ring trailer: Everything to know about the new leak and rumors

A new trailer for Elden Ring has leaked, and it points toward a new announcement being imminent. However, a new report indicates that the game itself may not come out this year.

Elden Ring is an action RPG from the studio behind the Dark Souls franchise and Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin. The game was first announced three years ago, but no new information has appeared since then, which has led to the game becoming a meme among gaming fans.

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According to VGC, a new trailer for the game has been circulating around the internet. Snippets of the trailer are now popping up on social media, which seems to confirm the report. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirmed the trailer’s existence as well, calling it “tangible evidence” that the game will be shown soon.

Adding fuel to that fire, publisher Bandai Namco recently trademarked “Bandai Namco Next,” which some speculate could be a digital livestream similar to Nintendo’s Direct presentations or Sony’s State of Play.

While that’s all exciting new for fans, there’s some possible bad news as well. The VGC report notes that the game has been delayed internally several times and is unlikely to launch in 2021, according to an unnamed source close to the game’s development.

While much of the news is speculation, it does seem as though a new trailer exists and is out in the world, which makes an announcement likely. Another rumor pegged a reveal for a March 23 Xbox livestream, but Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s general manager of marketing, says that isn’t happening.

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