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Eufy Security Smart Lock offers bank-grade security for the home

Anker is well-known for their affordable and reliable battery packs and mobile accessories, but what you might not know is that Eufy — the popular smart home company responsible for an actually affordable robotic vaccum cleaner — is a subsidiary. Eufy has announced its entrance into the smart home market with a host of different products, including a pair of smart locks. On Tuesday, October 22,, the company showed off both the Eufy Security Alarm Keypad and the Eufy Security Smart Lock for the first time.

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The Eufy Security Alarm Keypad is a simple, nondescript keypad that boasts 180 days of battery life on a single charge. Its white face and light gray buttons allow it to blend into lighter-colored walls so that it can mesh with most decor styles. The Eufy Security Alarm Keypad provides users with customized security modes, a private and stable connection, and a panic button in the event of an emergency. It’s slated to retail for $40 and be available in December of this year.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Eufy Security Smart Lock looks like will be a major contender with anything on the smart home market today. Its sleek black-and-gray design looks stylish and modern, while the soft blue LED ring at the top of the device makes it easy to find the lock in the darkness. The interior of the lock has a thumbturn for easy locking and unlocking. The Eufy Security Smart Lock is IP65 weatherproof and capable of standing up to most outdoor conditions.

The lock works with Amazon Alexa  and the Eufy Security App. It also offers advanced fingerprint identification to allow entry into the home based on fingerprints alone. The Eufy Security Smart Lock has 365 days of battery life and is said to be able to unlock the door in a third of a second. Its bank-grade security allows users to lock and unlock their home from anywhere while simultaneously making it a device that is extremely difficult to hack. The Eufy Security Smart Lock is set to retail for $169 and become available in early 2020.

In addition to these two smart security devices, Anker and Eufy together announced more than a dozen new products that are set to enter the smart home market in the next year.

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