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Eve Cam is another HomeKit-exclusive security camera focused on privacy

Smart home enthusiasts want to know their privacy is protected. The new Eve Cam does just that thanks to its strong video storage security and features like presence detection, which deactivates the camera when family members are home. The Eve Cam, the new indoor security camera from Eve Systems, is available for pre-order today and will begin shipping on June 23.

The Eve Cam is designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video and brings all of your security camera’s video feeds, stored clips, and notifications directly to the Home app. The HomeKit Secure Video feature encrypts footage end-to-end to ensure maximum security, and recordings are analyzed on the device through Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod and stored in a user’s iCloud.

The Eve Cam streams video at 1080p resolution and around 24 frames per second, and has a 150-degree field of view. The infrared motion sensor alerts you to any activity that passes within view of the camera, and it has night vision up to 15 feet. The Eve Cam also includes a built-in microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio.

Due to its integration with HomeKit, the Eve Cam can be used to activate lamps, light switches, and smart outlets when motion is detected. For example, if you aren’t home and the camera picks up motion inside the home, you can program it to flash the lights by the windows to draw attention from the neighbors.

The app only works on iPhone or iPad, so Android users won’t be able to use this smart camera. It also helps to have a HomeKit home hub, either the HomePod or Apple TV with tvOS 13.4 or later. Eve Systems recommends users have a 200 GB or higher iCloud storage plan for storing video. Users can access up to 10 days of video footage from their iCloud at no additional cost.

The Eve Cam is available for pre-order from the Eve Store for $150, and will also be available on Apple and Amazon starting in July. If you are a HomeKit user looking for a dedicated indoor security camera that takes advantage of the new HomeKit Secure Video features, this one is worth checking out. This follows after another HomeKit exclusive camera, the Logitech Circle View, so there’s no need to download an additional app to access the camera.

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