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Facebook redesign goes live for everyone, adds Dark Mode

Facebook has finally rolled out its desktop redesign for all users, with features including a new Dark Mode.

The new finally brings dark mode to desktop users, minimizing screen glare in low-light environments and improving the experience in viewing videos on Watch. The redesign had rolled out for some users earlier this year.

As seen in Facebook’s video, activating dark mode for desktop is as simple as toggling the option on the upper-right side of the screen.

The launch of dark mode to the desktop version of Facebook follows the feature’s official launch on Messenger in April. Facebook-owned WhatsApp also introduced dark mode in March, with the messaging service claiming that it was the most requested feature among users.

In addition to rolling out dark mode, the redesign improves navigation on the desktop site, making it easier to search for content such as videos, games, and Groups, the company said. The home page and page transitions now also load faster.

The redesign also makes it easier to create Events, Pages, Groups, and ads on the social network. Users will be able to preview a new Group before starting it, and will also get to see what it will look like on the mobile app.

Facebook admitted that with most of its focus on the mobile experience, its desktop website “had fallen behind.” To address this, the social media company spent months doing research on what should be included in a long-overdue update. Facebook said that it will “keep improving the experience” after the launch of the new, and users are invited to share their thoughts on the update by going into the Setting Menu and selecting Give Feedback.

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