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Griffin PowerJolt for iPhone Review

Griffin PowerJolt for iPhone
MSRP $1,599.00
“The Griffin PowerJolt is a handy way to keep your iPhone or iPod charged while on the road.”
  • Charges both iPod and iPhone; connect by car adapter or USB; available in black or white
  • Doesn't charge other cell phones; missing vital wall outlet option


As any iPod or iPhone owner knows, keeping those sweet little devices charged can sometimes be a daily chore. When you’re on the road, in the car or even stationary, finding a place to plug in can be anywhere from mildly annoying to downright impossible. Griffin has you covered with a quick and easy, dual-function charger – the PowerJolt.

Full Review:

The Griffin PowerJolt is a three-piece charger meant specifically for iPod and iPhone charging. There’s the PowerJolt charger that gets plugged into car cigarette lighters (any 12V DC plug in automobiles), a USB-to-Dock Connector cable and a USB-to-mini-USB cable.

To set the PowerJolt up, simply plug it in to a 12V outlet in your automobile, connect the USB-to-Dock Connector cable into the PowerJolt’s USB port, and then connect your iPhone or iPod. If you happen to be using Griffin’s iTrip in your car, you can keep your iPod charging by using the USB-to-mini-USB connector between the PowerJolt and the iTrip.

If you’re mobile and need to connect your iPod or iPhone to your laptop, disconnect the USB-to-Dock Connector cable from the PowerJolt and plug it in to an available USB port on your laptop. You can instantly charge and sync your iPod or iPhone.

That’s it – nice and easy. Two upgrades to the PowerJolt could make this accessory 100% perfect – a flip-out plug for standard wall outlets and the ability to charge other devices, like cell phones.

The PowerJolt comes with a 1-year warranty, comes in black and white, and costs roughly $19.99 USD. It also has a replaceable fuse should a power surge ever cause it to fail.

Te PowerJolt is available in Apple stores, on Griffin’s website and at most consumer electronics retail locations where iPod accessories are sold.

Griffin PowerJolt iPhone
Griffin PowerJolt iPhone and iPod Charger

Bonus Value

If you’ve lost or damaged your original iPod or iPhone USB-to-Dock Connector cable, don’t spend $19 USD to replace it with Apple’s branded cable. For an extra dollar, you can get this Griffin PowerJolt charger, a USB-to-Dock Connector and an extra USB-to-mini-USB cable. That’s a fantastic value!


The Griffin PowerJolt is a handy way to keep your iPhone or iPod charged while on the road. It allows you to charge via any 12V DC outlet (aka cigarette lighter plug) in an automobile or straight from a USB port on your computer. At $19.99 USD, it’s an easy purchase. We just wish Griffin would have added a wall plug and the ability to charge mini-USB-equipped cell phones.


• Charges both iPod and iPhone
• Use in-car or connected by USB
• Doubles as backup iPod/iPhone Dock connector
• Available in black and white


• Doesn’t charge cell phones
• Missing vital wall outlet option

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