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HBO Go to shut down, HBO Now will rebrand after HBO Max launch

HBO’s stable of apps is getting overhauled following the launch of the HBO Max streaming service, which had resulted in confusion between that app, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

WarnerMedia, the parent company of HBO, said that it will be shutting down HBO Go in the United States, with a plan to remove the app from primary platforms on July 31. HBO Go started 10 years ago as a way for subscribers to stream HBO shows.

“Most customers who have traditionally used HBO GO to stream HBO programming are now able to do so via HBO Max, which offers access to all of HBO together with so much more,” WarnerMedia said in a statement sent to Digital Trends.

Meanwhile, HBO Now, which was rolled out in 2015 as a streaming service for viewers without cable or satellite, will be rebranded as simply HBO.

“By doing this, we’re able to simplify things significantly for our customers and stating exactly what they get with our apps on platforms: HBO Max is an app that includes all of HBO together with an additional content offering, and the HBO app will be a stand-alone streaming platform for the HBO service,” according to WarnerMedia.

HBO Max was launched last month with several issues.

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