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How to watch the Apple event if you missed it when it was live

Apple announced all kinds of new gear at its September event. In just about two hours, the company unveiled three new iPhones, a new gaming service, details about its AppleTV+ streaming service, a new Apple Watch, and a new iPad.

If you missed out on watching the Apple event when it was live, don’t worry — you can watch the event in its entirety any time you want. The company released a full version of the video on YouTube in the player above, on Apple’s website, and even on your AppleTV.

For the rabid Apple fan, the event was kind of like Christmas: Jam-packed with product announcement videos, technical walkthroughs on new features, gameplay demos, and trailers.

The company gave us our first in-depth look on its three new iPhones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which Apple promises will have blazing-fast speed and impressive cameras.

We also got a trailer for See, a new AppleTV+ show featuring Game of Thrones and Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa in a far-off future where humanity has lost their eyesight. The company also gave us more detailed on their upcoming streaming service: It will debut on November 1 for just $5 a month. You can also get a free year of AppleTV+ when you buy a new Apple device.

Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5, which has a new always-on Retina display, a compass, and the Apple Research app, which will let you use your Apple Watch to participate in scientific studies.

There was also a closer look at Apple Arcade, the company’s new gaming service that promises access to 100 games on iOS, MacOS, and AppleTV for $5 a month. Launching on September 19, the service has a few marquee games that Apple showed off during the event: Frogger in Toy TownShinsekai: Into the Depths, and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

How to watch the Apple event on Apple TV

In case you want to get cozy on your couch and spend two hours watching Apple CEO Tim Cook unveil product after product, you can search for “Apple September Event” on your Apple TV to watch the whole thing.

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