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Kwikset’s second-generation deadbolts get smarter and safer

There’s nothing more precious than the people and possessions that reside in your home. Your residence is like the vault of your life, and it deserves to be locked up and safe. The latest smart locks from Kwikset can provide the protection you’re looking for, along with smart features that give you control even when you’re away from home. The company introduced a new generation of its Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect this week, which you can buy for $129.

Kwikset, the hardware and home improvement division of the massive Spectrum Brands, has two versions of its second generation of Signature Series Deadbolt locks — one with a more traditional round design and one with a contemporary square style that will fit into more modern homes. Outside of their build, the locks are essentially identical, offering the same protection that you’d expect out of a smart lock.

To help the Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect stand out from its predecessors, Kwikset has introduced two new features. First, the locks utilize a newer Z-Wave Plus 500 Series chip, which expands the wireless range of the lock while adding support for improved security protocols and encryption. It also adds support for over-the-air firmware updates so you can easily keep the lock up to date with the most recent security fixes.

In addition, Kwikset has managed to shrink down the build of the lock to create a smaller interior footprint, which makes it easier for the security tool to blend in with the rest of your home decor.

While the Signature Series Deadbolt has been given an upgrade, it still offers many of the features that you’d expect from a smart lock. It offers remote access via a smartphone app so you can lock the door from anywhere with an internet connection, or unlock if a friend or family member needs to get in while you’re away. The app also gives you a lock status so you’ll know if your door was left open or if it’s closed up and secure.

The new generation of Kwikset’s smart locks also sport advanced features, including the company’s patented SmartKey Security technology. This tech protects against advanced break-in methods, making physical attacks against the lock harder to carry out. It also allows homeowners to re-key their lock at a moment’s notice without going to a locksmith.

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