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LIFX brightens up smart lights with a flurry of announcements at CES 2020

LIFX set a new standard for smart lighting at CES 2020 with the announcement of multiple new products and partnerships. One of the main announcements is a completely revamped app that improves the look and function of LIFX bulbs. The redesigned app will launch in mid-January and include features like functional room images, easier scheduling, and a Discover tab to search out new features of LIFX bulbs.

Aside from the app, there are several new products. LIFX is launching its own version of the Edison bulb called the ST64 Teardrop that uses “stick” LEDs. Five of these “sticks” are aligned around a central post to give the Teardrop a unique look. There are three different versions of the Teardrop on the way: a smokey bulb, an amber bulb, and a clear bulb. The Edison style of bulb has become increasingly popular for decorative lighting, and LIFX has put its own spin on the device. Its target release price will be $30 and will be in stores in the spring of 2020.


The next announcement is the LIFX Switch, a four-button device that grants control over both smart and dumb lights. Each one of the buttons is lit from behind for easy control even in dark rooms, and the integrated LIFX Control Module makes it possible to set schedules, utilize voice control, and much more. Tactile feedback when the button is pressed means you won’t wonder whether your system received the command or not.

LIFX will also launch the LIFX Z TV 360 Kit and the LIFX Z Gamer Kit in spring 2020 for $100 and $70, respectively. These light strips fit along the back of a TV or gaming monitor and provide customizable ambient lighting.

Finally, the LIFX Candle White to Warm will join the lineup of the LIFX Candle Color as a white model of the original. The Candle is a smaller light bulb that works perfectly as a light on a nightstand or an end table.

In March 2019, LIFX was acquired by the Buddy Group, a company known for its work in energy monitoring. Together the two brands have made new innovations that make LIFX more applicable to user’s day-to-day lives. All of the products mentioned in this article will be available in spring of 2020.

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