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The Megi Floating Lamp is more than a smart lamp — it’s magic

If you’re old enough, you may remember the toys that “levitated” over their bases and wowed kids in the 80s and 90s. The Megi Floating Lamp captures that same feeling, but not with air-powered levitation. It uses a magnetic field to hold the bulb in place, is packed with safety features, and has voice control via its own built-in assistant.

The Megi bulb floats underneath its mount thanks to Maglev, or magnetic levitation, technology. This is the same kind of technology used to propel bullet trains to tremendous speeds. The bulb has three brightness levels. You can adjust these by tapping the base of the lamp or by saying, “Hi Megi, dim/brighten the bulb.” While the voice controls are limited to commands for the lamp, you can turn it on and off or adjust brightness levels hands-free.

At just over 15 inches tall, the Megi won’t light an entire room, but it looks perfect for use on a desk or bedside table. When you consider the Megi’s base also has wireless charging built into it, the lamp has even more appeal. The Megi Floating Lamp has a 15W fast charger built into its base for phones and other compatible devices, and a 5W USB-A charger for a secondary device.

Safety isn’t a concern, either. The bulb floats roughly half an inch below the lamp, but if pushed too far away, the magnetic field engages and snaps the bulb securely against its mount. The same thing happens if the power is disconnected for any reason. Even if the bulb should fall, it is built out of durable material that prevents shattering.

The bulb produces soft light that is easy on the eyes. Megi claims the lamp is ideal for reading, relaxing, and working, while lacking the blue light spectrum that interferes with sleep.

Megi is on Kickstarter right now, but has far surpassed its goal already. Anyone interested still has the chance at the early bird pricing, but keep in mind that investing or pledging to a Kickstarter is not a guarantee of delivery. Currently, the lowest priced package that is still up for grabs is $129.

The Megi Floating Lamp is definitely interesting to look at and could be an interesting, useful addition to any bedroom or office space if it lives up to its promise.

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