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Disney unveils a new animatronic Baby Yoda toy for you to obsess over

The first season of The Mandalorian may be over, but more adorable Baby Yoda merchandise is coming our way, including an animatronic figure that will interact with you. 

New toy versions of The Child, better known as Baby Yoda to fans of Disney+’s The Mandalorian, debuted on Good Morning America on Thursday. The new toys will be on display at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair and will be available for pre-order at . 

This animatronic version of Baby Yoda features more than 25 sound and motion combinations. The toy’s head, eyes, and ears move in response to the top of his head being touched. 

“You can pretend to harness the power of the Force as he closes his eyes, raises his arm, and sighs as if exerting a great amount of energy,” wrote Tony Morrison for GMA. “Lay him down and he will close his eyes and take a ‘Force nap.’”

The animatronic Baby Yoda will cost $60 and won’t be available until this fall. 

.@GMA EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: The Force is with this BRAND NEW #BabyYoda merchandise!

— Good Morning America (@GMA) February 20, 2020

Another talking Baby Yoda plush toy makes cute baby sounds when you squeeze its middle. As a bonus, it comes with a bone broth bowl so you can create the popular the Baby Yoda meme with you new best friend. 

You can also pre-order a collection of six mini Baby Yoda figures striking different poses, a sterling silver “The Child” necklace, and two different plush toys to cuddle with. 

Since The Mandalorian debuted in November, the adorable Baby Yoda has emerged as the breakout star, wide-eyed face. It’s easy to see why he’s become so popular — aside from being one of the cutest things ever, he is the key to one of the Star Wars Universe’s biggest mysteries, and his Force abilities are already powerful.

Disney has already cashed in on the Baby Yoda craze with several Baby Yoda action figures for under $30, as well as other merchandise ranging from Baby Yoda T-shirts and stickers to Baby Yoda mugs, and even a Baby Yoda Popsocket. 

For those willing to spend big on Baby Yoda, there is also a lifelike Baby Yoda statue that you can now pre-order. Sideshow Collectibles is selling a 16.5-inch Baby Yoda replica, complete with little bits of fuzzy hair on its forehead, for $350.

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