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Outriders will be available through Xbox Game Pass at launch

Outriders is coming to Xbox Game Pass in one of the biggest additions to the service so far this year. The new third-person shooter will join the service when it launches on April 1.

The game is one of this spring’s biggest major releases. Published by Square Enix, Outriders was set to be the first big third-party game of the new console generation before getting delayed till April. Now, it’ll be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox consoles and Android. It will not be available on PC.


The Game Pass version of the game will still support crossplay with other consoles. That means Xbox owners will be able to squad up with PlayStation 5 owners and PC players.

Players who are curious about the game can still try out its free demo, which will remain live through launch day. The demo features several missions and progress will carry over to the full game.

Outriders is a major addition for Xbox Game Pass. While the service adds first-party Microsoft games when they launch, major third-party titles tend to come long after a game releases. Outriders is one of the biggest new games to land on the system in some time.

The release potentially sets the stage for a big relationship between Microsoft and Square Enix. Fans have long speculated that Microsoft may try to acquire Square Enix following its recent Bethesda purchase. While that’s only been a rumor up to this point, Outriders coming to Game Pass is a massive development that could lead to more Square Enix titles coming to Game Pass down the line.

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