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V-Moda drops Crossfade M-100 Master, co-engineered with Roland

Following up on the success of its Crossfade M-100 headphones, V-Moda has debuted the Crossfade M-100 Master, a new model that improves on the original with better sound, better comfort, and a new, lower price of $250.

Digital rights group Fight for the Future wants to ban facial recognition

Fight for the Future, a digital rights group, announced a campaign on Tuesday, July 9 calling for a complete ban on government use of facial recognition surveillance software. The campaign website,, asks visitors to…

Moment Air brings an anamorphic lens to DJI’s drones for cinematic flair

Own a DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom? Moment, maker of lenses for smartphones, has expanded its expertise to lenses for drones. You can now use its anamorphic lens for a cinematic look to your drone footage.
Emerging Tech

SpaceX wins contract to launch NASA’s new X-Ray observatory in 2021

NASA has announced it will be contracting SpaceX to launch its newest X-Ray observatory into space. The Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) will consist of three telescopes which will investigate cosmic X-rays.
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Google-Amazon truce brings YouTube to Fire TV, Prime Video to Chromecast

Amazon and Google have finally made peace after a yearslong spat over video services. The YouTube app is coming to Fire TV devices, while the Prime Video app on mobile devices will get support for Chromecast devices.

Mini’s first EV lands at the intersection of electrification and driving fun

Mini introduced the 2020 Cooper SE, its first series-produced electric model. The battery-powered hatchback shares many powertrain parts with the BMW i3, though its range hasn't been announced yet.

BMW is helping EV drivers explore some of the nation’s most scenic parks

BMW teamed up with the National Park Service and the United States Department of Energy to install EV chargers in many of America's national parks. The 100 chargers will help eliminate range anxiety for EV drivers who want to criss-cross…

Walmart continues to put the heat on Amazon with Prime Day deals – shoppers win

No one is bringing knives to this gunfight. Walmart is locked and loaded for Prime Day. Amazon may have started Prime Day five years ago, but Walmart and other retailers joined in to make the colossal mid-July sales event a bargain bonanza.

iPhone rumor says 2019 models will make 3D Touch a thing of the past

Apple may remove pressure-sensitive screens from the next generation of iPhone models, bringing about the end of 3D Touch. Rumors of the change have spread for months, but the functionality may live on in a different way.

Here’s how to shop Amazon’s Prime Day without paying for Prime itself

All those Prime Day deals piqued your interest, but that $129 yearly commitment scaring you away? We've got a method for you to take advantage of the deals without ever having to pay for Prime. All it takes are a few brief moments of your…

Bosch is connecting batteries to the internet to help EVs go the extra mile

Bosch is connecting electric car batteries to the internet to help them last longer. The company's battery-in-the-cloud technology monitors individual battery cells, checks for wear, and modifies the charging process if it detects a…

Why are people in Japan renting cars but not driving them anywhere?

App-based car-sharing services where you can rent a vehicle for a short period of time are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. But some operators have recently noticed that more and more people aren't going anywhere in them.

Waymo explores perks for riders to set its robo-taxi service apart from rivals

With more than 60,000 autonomous vehicles on order, Waymo has big plans to expand its robo-taxi service. It's also thinking seriously about incentives that it can offer riders to persuade them to hop inside its cars.

British Airways hit with a massive fine for 2018 data breach

British Airways has been hit with a whopping $230 million fine for a security breach in 2018 that saw hackers steal personal data belonging to around 500,000 of the airline's customers.

Instagram will now guilt you with a warning when you try to post a nasty comment

Instagram is trying to stop bullying on its platform by warning people before they post offensive comments. The new A.I.-powered feature will detect potentially nasty content and ask the offending user if they still want to post it.

Jaguar Land Rover built an A.I.-equipped car that responds to the driver’s mood

Jaguar Land Rover is testing a system that uses a driver-facing camera and artificial intelligence to read a person's mood. The automaker believes this tech could be used to reduce stress while driving.

Amazon takes another step toward being your home internet provider

Amazon subsidiary Kuiper Systems filed an application with the FCC on Thursday to obtain permission to launch 3,236 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit. The goal of the satellites would be to cover the majority of the United States…
Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends Live: Pixel 4 XL leak, Google and Dish team-up, and more

On this episode of DT Live, we discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including a Pixel 4 XL leak, a possible Google and Dish team-up, a Prius gets solar panels, Netflix “conference calls,” and more.