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Super Nintendo World opening delayed

Nintendo fans in Japan will have to wait a little longer to visit the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park.

The park, from Universal Studios Japan, was intended to open in Osaka this summer but has been pushed back.

Super Nintendo World has been years in the making and its launch was announced at the start of this year. The latest news, first reported by Japanese website NHK, is that Universal Studios will delay the park’s opening due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has hit Japan hard.

The company says it is not sure how long the delay will be and does not yet have a new opening date for the attraction.

There are also plans to open another Super Nintendo World location in Orlando, Florida, as part of the upcoming Epic Universe park which will be an expansion of the popular Universal Studios Orlando.

The original planned opening date for the Orlando attraction was 2023, but it’s not clear if this opening will also be delayed.

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