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V-Moda’s M-200 ‘Shield Kit’ lets you customize the look of your headphones

V-Moda announced last year that its M-200 studio headphones were completely redesigned with impressive specs. Part of the M-200’s appeal is the customizable shields that mount on the outside of each can. When originally announced, you could order from a few customizable options. Now, V-Moda has announced that options have expanded. Meet the M-200 Custom Shield Kit.

The V-Moda Shield Kit works specifically with the M-200 headphones, and allows users to customize the look of their cans from home. There are six base shield colors to choose from: Atlas Blue, Rust Orange, Moss Green, Laser Red, Titan Gray, and Brushed Black. V-Moda says it selected these colors with the goal of providing rich, classic tones while at the same time offering as much variety as possible in that spectrum.

Each Shield Kit comes with two of V-Moda’s aluminum shields of the chosen color, 12 screws that are used to attach the shields to the M-200 headphones, and a special screwdriver that is claimed to make attaching the shields to the headphones fast and easy.

If you choose to get the Shield Kit directly from V-Moda, you can customize your order even further via its online customization tool. You will have access to V-Moda’s library of designs that were developed in its Milanese studio and are currently available for the M-200, or you can upload your own designs using its concierge service. With that service, you can choose to be connected with V-Moda designers to tailor your own logo, or design onto a shield of your choosing.

No matter which direction you choose here, whether it’s customizing the colored shields yourself at home or using its online service to do it, the amount of freedom you have to design the look of the M-200 headphones is far above the norm.

This level of customization isn’t new for V-Moda. It has offered shield customization in the past, but one of its selling points for the M-200s, other than the redesigned driver, is space for a larger shield that allows more flexible custom designs than was the case with previous headphone models.

Though you can find other options for custom headphones, from brands like UltimateEars, V-Moda’s focus on extremely high-end audio reproduction in studio monitors combined with this level of design attention is unique.

The V-Moda Custom Shield Kit is available now at, and will also release with retail partners worldwide in the next few weeks (the exact timing was not provided). The kit itself starts at $40 and can go up to $75 when a custom logo is uploaded.

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