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Verizon’s OnePlus 8 isn’t compatible with cases for other versions

Be extra careful when choosing a phone case for your OnePlus 8.

The version of the OnePlus 8 offered by Verizon won’t be compatible with the cases for versions of the smartphone for different carriers.

The issue is the volume controls, which are in a different position on Verizon’s version of the smartphone.

Verizon’s OnePlus 8 is $100 more expensive compared to the unlocked version of the smartphone because it supports the carrier’s 5G high-band spectrum, which is often referred to as mmWave. This requires additional components, including an additional antenna module, according to schematics included in a Federal Communications Commission listing dug up by PhoneArena.

That antenna was placed near where the volume button is located on the unlocked OnePlus 8. To make room, the volume rocker for Verizon’s version was moved to a slightly lower position.

Unfortunately, this means that most OnePlus 8 cases that have been released won’t fit Verizon’s version. Instead, owners of that particular device will have to purchase cases from Verizon’s store to make sure that they are compatible.

Some customers have already learned this the hard way. One Reddit user said the cases sold on Verizon’s store were either “sold out or expensive” or of poor quality.

The OnePlus 8 offers an eye-catching design, excellent software, a decent camera, and a long battery life with fast charging, Digital Trends said in our review. However, the price tag starts at $700, $100 more than its predecessor, the OnePlus 7T.

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