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Most Windows 10 devices across the globe now have Fall Creators Update

We’re running Fall Creators Update on Windows 10. How about you? Chances are that is a definite yes, as a recent report provided by AdDuplex shows that 85 percent of the Windows 10 PCs spanning the globe have Fall Creators Update installed. Falling behind that massive number is the vanilla Creators Update with a mere 8.1 percent install base followed by Anniversary Update with a 5.1 percent install base.  

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in July 2015, bringing the coveted desktop back to the forefront. The company also released four feature updates since Windows 10’s debut starting with the November Update in November 2015. After that, we saw Anniversary Update just over a year after Windows 10’s release, Creators Update in April, and Fall Creators Update in October. 

Currently, Microsoft is putting the final touches on what is dubbed as the Spring Creators Update. There is no official name for the upgrade just yet, but it’s locked and loaded for a springtime release. Participants in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program are even beginning to test builds of the feature upgrade slated for late 2018. 

Here is a rundown of the feature updates and their code names: 

Name  Codename  Version  Release Date 
Windows 10 

Threshold 1 


July 2015 

November Update 

Threshold 2 


November 2015 

Anniversary Update 

Redstone 1 


August 2016 

Creators Update 

Redstone 2 


April 2017 

Fall Creators Update 

Redstone 3 


October 2017 


Redstone 4 


spring 2018 


Redstone 5 


fall 2018 

 Fall Creators Update builds on the feature explosion introduced by the Creators Update. The first “creators” upgrade provided Windows 10 device owners with the tools to make 3D content, including the new Paint 3D app. But the big underlying feature is Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform that powers the new virtual reality/augmented reality headsets built specifically for Windows 10. 

Fall Creators Update isn’t quite a grand but provides new features nonetheless. These include the My People feature for pinning shortcuts to friends and relatives directly to the Taskbar. There is also a new “files on demand” element in OneDrive that presents files stored in the cloud as “ghosts” on your local Windows 10 device. 

According to the report, the number of Fall Creators Update installs jumped 30 percent two months ago, another 20 percent in January, and currently sees a 10 percent increase since the beginning of February. In many countries, such as Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland, Fall Creators Update commands more than 90 percent of the Windows 10 market. Meanwhile, that number drops to the 60 percent mark in areas such as China, India, and other countries. 

In addition to the Fall Creators Update numbers, AdDuplex’s report also provides information about the number of Surface devices owned across the globe. The biggest seller is the Surface Pro 4, which commands 34.6 percent of the global Surface device market. Trailing behind is the Surface Pro 3 (19.6 percent), the Surface Pro 2017 model (13.3 percent), the Surface 3 (11.4 percent), and the Surface Book (6.8 percent). 

Right now, the Surface Laptop only commands 1.9 percent of the Surface market despite going retail in June 2017. 

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