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Wyze’s first outdoor security camera can also record video offline

Wyze is well-known for its affordable indoor security cameras (and is said to have more products on the way), with some of the most budget options starting at just $20. Now the company has taken that same level of affordability outdoors with the Wyze Cam Outdoor. The new outdoor security camera has an IP65 rating, so while it isn’t totally waterproof, it’s weather-resistant and able to stand up to a few showers.

The camera can stream and record at 1080p, has two-way audio, and 8x digital zoom. It can also be mounted to nearly any surface. A pair of 2,600mAh rechargeable batteries last between three and six months at normal usage, although Wyze is quick to state that “normal usage” is between 10 and 20 video events per day.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor also has night vision up to 25 feet away. When it detects motion, it records 12-second clips. The motion sensor uses PIR, or passive infrared detection, to reduce the number of false positives caused by leaves and shadows.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor connects to a base station (included in the Starter Kit). Up to four cameras can be connected to a single base station, allowing you to view all of the streams at once in the app.

The most unique feature of the Wyze Cam Outdoor is its ability to record offline without a hub. Combined with its small size, this makes the Wyze Cam Outdoor a great choice for portability. Worried about your hotel room? Set up the Wyze Cam in an unassuming corner and keep an eye on your belongings throughout the day.

The SD card stores up to 32 GB of footage. If you want to review the footage, all you have to do is pop it out of the camera and into your computer to see what the camera has captured.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Kit goes for $50 and includes the camera itself, the base station, and the necessary tools and accessories to set it up. According to the website, additional cameras will be available for pre-order “soon” for $40 each.

Wyze is crowdsourcing the camera. With 13 days left to back it and over 33,400 backers already, it seems a certainty that the Wyze Cam Outdoor will release — but always keep in mind the risks associated with crowdfunding products.

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