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Always be a video call away from your pets with the PetChatz HDX

When the idea of indoor security cameras first came about, no one could have guessed one of their most popular uses would be to keep an eye on pets. In today’s world, that’s what a huge number of people use their camera for — to make sure their four-legged furry friend isn’t getting into mischief. Sometimes people check in on their pets throughout the day just to relax during a tough assignment at work. PetChatz HDX aims to be the go-to provider of pet-focused home security cameras.

According to PetChatz, the average pet owner spent $183 on their pets during the holiday season last year. The company figured that with another holiday season on the way, pet-focused technology would be the hot-ticket item, and thus, the PetChatz HDX was born. This 1080p video camera has a wide-angle lens, improved low-light performance, and Wi-Fi connectivity on both the 2.4 and the 5GHz bands. Perhaps most importantly of all, there are no monthly fees associated with the PetChatz HDX. You can check in on Spot all day long without any additional cost.

PetChatz HDX is the third generation of the device and boasts a wide array of features that make it so much more than just a streaming video camera. The device can dispense treats on command, disperse calming, pet-focused aromatherapy, and even play games with your pet through the “PawCall” accessory. This helps prevent your pet from getting too bored during the day and causing trouble (like eating the couch, for instance.) The PawCall will also let your pet press a button that contacts you directly so you can video chat your pet when they’re feeling lonely.

The two-way audio makes it easy to chat with your pet and reassure them. And for those times when you’re busy at work, you can stream DOGTV, a cable channel created specifically to provide dog-friendly entertainment. PetChatz HDX fits close against the wall, but you can invest in the optional PetChatz Stand to keep it at kennel-level for your four-legged friend.

PetChatz HDX is available for pre-order now and is expected to begin shipping sometime this month.

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